Modern Strategies for Services Sales & Marketing

Code : 5/20
Course Objectives
  • Understand the service concept and its proprieties and perception of difference between them and between marketing the concrete and the tangible commodities
  • Understand of success requirements in marketing and sales of services
  • Acquire of capabilities and the modern methods of services marketing and sales
  • Develop participants’ skills on applying service quality measurement methods that are presented to costumers

Course Modules
Module 1: What is a Service?
  • Concept of service and its properties
  • Types of services and its divisions
  • Requirements of presenting successful services
  • Privacy of service and the main standards of the service quality
  • Essential success elements to service presentation and this success standards
  • Case study
Module 2: Quality
  • Distinguish in quality and performance of different services
  • Strategic marketing planning of services
  • The quadric strategic analysis and planning
  • Environmental analysis and it relation to strategic marketing
  • Successful characteristics in services selling
  • Exercise
 Module 3: Public vs. Private
  • Services private entities management
  • Governmental services management
  • Integrity moments as a new concept of marketing service
  • Methods of measuring the presented service quality
  • Innovative thinking and its relation with the strategic marketing
  • Marketing information system and market researches
  • Questions & Answers
 Module 4: Wrap-Up
  • Steps of effective marketing research and marketing researches and demand expectation
  • Researches of marketing for service and it role in the marketing process success
  • Practical application

Target Audience
Managers, supervisors, specialists who are working in the marketing and service selling field

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