Modern Strategies to Rationalize Expenses & Minimize Cost


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Course Objectives

  • Acquaint participants with the latest variables that effect cost accounting and its reflexes on cost accounting structure systems, its contents and goals through cost reduction and expenditure rationalization in all the organizations, whether commercial, industrial or governmental
  • Let participants acquire the cost measuring skill according used in modern methods in production and services cost measurement
  • Provide participants with the cost provision importance for making the convenience decisions and other areas presentation which need to develop the cost accountant performance like planning, control, cost reduction and expenditures rationalization
  • Let participants obtain the required skills for expenditure rationalizations, cost reduction and measuring some of cost elements according to the internal accounting standards requirement, with addressing of some of problems handling of identified cost elements according to the internal standards

Course Modules

Module 1: Modern Variables and Functioning Dimension of Cost Accounting

  • Nature of cost accounting system
  • Characteristics and goals of cost systems
  • Structure, elements of costs concepts
  • Costs measurements and indicators
  • Cost accounting measurements methods and procedures
  • Disclosure methods of cost information

Module 2: Variables Reflexes on Cost Accounting Job and Expenditure Rationalization

  • Cost systems context development
    • Costs systems and its contents
    • Cost loading theory
    • Methods of calculating cost
    • Measurement methods and procedures
    • Cost reduction fields and expenditure rationalization
  • Modern accounting methods to measure the production cost
    • Activity accounting
    • Production life cycle accounting
    • Achievement accounting
    • Target cost accounting
    • Practical cases 

Module 3: Development Fields of Cost Accounting Performance

  • Development fields of cost accountant performance
    • Activities analysis
    • Cost analysis
    • Cost planning
    • Cost control
    • Cost reduction
    • Case studies
  • Cost reports development
    • Requirements of cost reports development
    • Novelty aspects in cost report
    • Quality costs report
    • Damaged production costs report
    • Instrument and equipment operation follow up reports
    • Practical cases and models of cost reports preparation

Module 4: Cost Reports Activation to Rationalize Expenditures and Reduce Cost

  • Convenient cost concepts to make decisions
  • Cost concepts
  • Cost analysis methods
  • Cost behavior study and its reflexes
  • Convenient costs to make decisions
  • Differential analysis use in making decisions
  • Similar cost analysis use in making decisions
  • Practical study cases
  • Relevant cost decisions to the company policies:
  • Purchasing cost reduction decisions
  • Profusion fighting costs decisions
  • Preventive maintenance decisions
  • Salaries and incentives systems restructuring decisions
  • Cost excellence decisions
  • Product redesigning decisions
  • Differentiation between modern technology alternatives
  • Case studies

Module 5: Cost Accounting Performance Development to Rationalize Expenditures and Reduce Costs, according to Internal Accounting Standards

  • Measuring costs and handling them according to the internal accounting standards
  • Inventory Cost (standard 2)
  • Fixed assets acquisition costs (standard 16)
  • Credit cost (standard 23)
  • Case studies
  • Fixed assets depreciation (16)
  • Maintenance and fixing costs
  • Financing lease
  • Purchasing and stoking
  • Other variable problems
  • Case studies

Target Audience

  • Financial directors
  • Cost departments'' accountants
  • Working accountants

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