Neuro Linguistic & Psychological Programming: Impact of Communication (NLP)

Code : 1/117
Course Objectvies
  • Provide participants with effective personal and behavioral skills to gain self-confidence and be able to communication and impact others for successful business relationships
  • Apply acquired skills to own job and relations contents

Course Modules
Module 1: The Evolution of Psychological Programming
  • The science of NBL
  • Definition and applications of NBL
  • Senses simulation system
  • How to realize the surrounding world?
Module 2: Pillars of Realization
  • Senses language, values and beliefs
  • The limitations of senses
  • Exercise
  • The pit falls of language - oration and dismembering
  • Value, beliefs and standards
Module 3: How to Confine using VAK
  • Innovation strategy
  • Basic assumptions to psychological engineering
  • How to determine the goal and the result?
  • The tripartite model (Behavior, cognition, feeling)
 Module 4: How Realization Takes Place
  • The Signals visual reach and stereo typing
  • How to conclude the prevailing pattern?
  • How to use telepathy to impact others?
 Module 5: Affection Strategy using Anchor
  • Learning and setting, union and separation, empathy, coping and leading
  • Six steps to change behavior
  • The colorful model to communicate ideas to the brain pf the listener
  • The fastest and the most effective methods to get ready of fear

Target Audience 
Manager, middle and supervisory levels, Sales, Marketing and Human Capital Professionals

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