New Oil from Old Wells

Code : O/26
Course Objectives

This course is designed to provide the participants with the modern techniques for processing old wells & getting the possible benefits from it with an economical way.

Course Modules

Module 1: Artifacial lift

  • Gas lift
  • Electrical submersble pumps
  • Hydraulic pumping systems
  • Rod pumping systems
  • Screw pump system and plunger lift

Module 2: Enhanced Oil Recovery

  • Miscible and immiscible recovery
  • Co2 recovery
  • Chemical recovery
Module 3: Design, Performance, and Evaluation of the Uniflood Micellar/Polymer Process
  • Mobilization of waterflood residual oil
  • Surfactants and co-surfactants
  • Surfactant/oil/ brine phase behavior
  • Adsorption/retention on rock and ion exchange
  • Linear displacement theory, lab tests, and mathematical simulation

Module 4: Thermal Recovery

  • Steam drive
  • In-situ combustion
  • Oxygen-enriched in-situ combution 

Target Audience

Production, reservoir and petroleum engineers
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