Official Correspondence Drafting Skills

Code : 4/6

Course Objectives

  • Provide participants with the relevant knowledge of the administrative drafting writing and its origins
  • Correct rules and recognize the officials’ geneses in correspondence to reports and working hours

 Course Modules

Module 1: Introduction to Drafting Administrative Writing Reports

  • Attributes to administrative writing / open – mindedness and tact
  • Familiarity with systems and administrative procedures
  • Knowing of administrative writing form, parts, and types
  • Administrative writing cost and its elements
  • Methods of cost rationalization and administrative writing level increasing in organizations

 Module 2: Administrative Writing Stages

  • Preparation stages
  • Editing stages
  • Production stages

Module 3: Skills of Correspondences Preparation and Drafting: Memos

  • Skills of reports preparation and drafting
  • Skills of meetings minutes, preparation and drafting
  • Skills of administrative decisions and publishers'''' preparation and drafting
  • Common mistakes of administrative correspondences
  • Role of administrative typing in work procedures streamlining at organizations
  • Preparation methods of work procedures guides at the organizations
  • Practical application

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