Oil Well Stimulation

Code : O/13

Course Objectives

Guide petrolium engineers to select, optimize and excute stimulation Jobs

Course Modules

Module 1: Inroduction

  • Properties of formation materials & treatment fluids
  • Physical & chemical properties of formation materials
  • Chemical & mechanical properties of the injected fluids

Module 2: Formation Damage

  • Physical & chemical processes that produce formation damage
  • Biological properties
  • Modeling of formation damage
  • Skin factor
  • Perforating methods
  • Perforating, jet gun, design, perforating for hydraulic fracturing
  • Hydraulic fracturing
  • Dynamic fracture geometry
  • Fracture fluid temp.
  • Fracture conductivity
  • Well productivity of fractured systems

Module 3: Design & Optimization of Fracture Processes

  • Acid fracturing
  • Acid reaction rate and matrix acidizing
  • Acidizing methods
  • Sandstone matrix acidizing
  • Carbonates acidizing
  • Acid additives
  • Sand control method

Target Audience

All engineers and supervisors who are working in workover, reservoir, operations and rig supervisors

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