Organizational Charts Development to Cope with International Changes


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Course Objectives
  • Provide participants with the method and the scientific basis that are relevant to preparing and developing the organizational charts
  • Identify the causes and justifications of re-organizing and developing their abilities on the analytical methods and how to overcome the application problems and resistance to change

 Course Modules
Module 1: Modern Concepts and Principals of the Managerial Organization
  • Role of organization in the organization success and stability
  • Managerial organization as an integrated process and its relation with the other managerial processes
  • Organizational charts analysis methods and identifying strengths and weaknesses
Module 2: Justifications and Requirements of Managerial Re-organization
  • Environmental changes
  • Economical changes
  • Social changes
  • Other factors
Module 3: Stages and Steps of Preparing and Developing the Organizational Charts
  • Scientific methods to create the organizational development
  • Jobs preparation, description and evaluation methods
  • Job allocation basis and estimating the need of manpower
  • Practical problems to organize jobs
  • Practical difficulties of canceling and creating some jobs 
Module 4: Factors affecting Organizational Development Success
  • Leadership types
  • Managerial connection
  • Incentives systems
  • Organizational relations
  • Practical application: Case studies
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