Organizational Restructuring


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Course Objectives
  • Enable participants to possess a range of administrative capacity and technical skills needed to bring about development, growth and change for their organizations to attain greater excellence
  • Diagnostic approach to identify the administrative and organizational dilemmas and the causes of restructuring with justifications
  • Systematic analysis to study the market and budgets, performance indicators and evaluation of human resources management
  • Providing various organizational methods of analysis that can be used as strategies for enhancement, providing alternatives to choose the appropriate organizational culture and behavior
  • Display of the essentials of change management, and application of international standards and how to determine the strategic objectives
  • Review of a cluster of cases and examples of international experience in restructuring and organizational development 

Course Modules
Module 1: Concepts of Organizational Structure
  • Factors affecting the management excellence
  • Actual measurement and Analysis of the current situation as an entry point to the need for organizational structure
  • Productivity measurement
  • Organizational climate measurement
  • Performance evaluation
  • Organizational structure sorting the comparative SWOT Analysis
  • Success story
 Module 2: Requirements of Organizational Restructuring
  • Environmental variables
  • Economic variables
  • Social variables
  • Study of budgets and performance indicators
  • Study and evaluation of human resources
  • Other external factors
 Module 3: Organizational Development and Applications Strategy
  • Fundamentals of managing organizational behavior
  • Organizational development and increase organizational efficiency
  • Scheme analysis as input for the development of organizational
  • Stages to prepare and develop organizational structures
  • Scientific methods to bring about organizational development
  • Develop job descriptions and KPI’s evaluation
  • Practical problems to job arrangements
  • Difficulties for the cancellation of the development of some functions
  • Change resistance
  • Case study
 Module 4: Factors reflecting Success and Increase of Organizational Effectiveness
  • Leadership Styles
  • Administrative Communications
  • Incentive systems
  • Organizational relationships
  • Organizational development Planning
  • Implementation of action plans and measure performance/change
  • Laboratory planning to develop and improve the performance and organizational culture change
  • Determining the field of work
  • Setting goals
  • Determine the functional performance indicators
  • Analysis of the driving forces of performance
Module 5: Behavioral Skills to lead the Development Process and Measure Cultural Change
  • Practical laboratory for the preparation and development of the organizational and functional structures
  • How to overcome resistance to change and application problems
  • Case studies
  • Open discussion

Target Audience
Leaders, Business Development Executives, HR specialists, and managers and whoever is associated with organizational development, restructuring and/or management of organizational behavior
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