Performance Assessment & Career-Path Planning


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Course Objectives
Provide participants with the necessary knowledge for planning and stimulus policies and evaluate the performance of employees and career-path planning 

Course Modules
Module 1: Stimulation and Evaluation
  • Importance of the processes of motivation
  • Performance evaluation in the overall performance of the organization
  • Self-development for the development of individuals
Module 2: Intellectual Framework for the Stimulus
  • Intellectual and scientific methods in the field of motivating subordinates
  • Various types of incentives and how to develop an effective system
  • Stimulate administrative levels based on assessment methods
Module 3: Practical Framework for Assessing
  • Review process for models of styles and forms
  • Means of evaluating subordinates
  • Skills necessary to conduct interviews
  • Planning of track operations
Module 4: Evaluation System
  • Review of process models to evaluate different functions and statements
  • Areas of strength vs. areas of necessary development
  • Benefit from the participants’ experiences in the development of appropriate evaluation systems
Module 5: Career-Path Planning
  • Relay career and replacement plans
  • Foundations of functional design (Enrichment - zoom)
  • Stages of psychological and functional maturity
  • Construct long-term employment plan
Module 6: Analyze Job Descriptions as a basis for Selection
  • Selection and recruitment policies
  • Practical choice for individuals’ concepts
  • Use selection tools (Tests, job applications, interview)
  • Stages of interviewing selection and appointment and behavioral skills for effective interviews

 Target Audience
Head of departments who need to widen their knowledge and understanding in boosting their planning techniques for better performance and career-path results, and who aspire dynamic multi-national organizations
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