Performance Management & Contemporary Career-Path Planning

Code : 2/9
Course Objectives
  • Enable participants to know the basics of managing the performance and the methods of effective planning for the career development to achieve the organization goals
  • Refining participants'' skills to know the subordinates performance to utilize their energies and skills in order to increase productivity
  • Enhance performance through developing the enhancement plans and the methods for proper implementation and application

 Course Modules
Module 1: Concept of Performance Management and Set Indicators
  • Performance indicators to increase productivity
  • Managing performance requirements
  • Jobs evaluation and description
  • Results realms and performance indicators
 Module 2: Controlling the Performance Progress
  • How to make an interim follow up of performance progress
  • Modifying the individual performance
  • Selection of proper basic to compare between individuals
  • Performance modification timing 
Module 3: Making Relevant Managerial Decisions to Performance
  • Related decisions to salaries
  • Realizing impartiality between performance levels
  • Promotion decisions and terminations 
Module 4: Prepare Performance Enhancement Plans
  • Change elements and dynamic changes that affect the planning process
  • Recommended Approach to Set an Enhancing Performance Plan
  • Cooperation strategy in solving problems
  • Effective delegation and its role in the success of the performance enhancement plan
Module 5: Methods of Handling Performance Obstacles
  • Indicate the problems and training on enhancing performance
  • Guide and direct to enhancing performance
  • Managing teamwork performance
  • Methods of enhancing the teamwork efficacy
  • Overcoming change resistance
  • Applied case studies
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