Performance Management Strategies using TQM


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Course Objectives
  • Identify worker performance development strategy, according to TQM strategy
  • Identify organization requirements to develop, assess and motivate workers/employees
  • Develop worker appraisal performance system through the substantive and scientific methods 

Course Modules
Module 1: Basic Concepts of TQM
  • TQM definition
  • Quality circles
  • TQM system application stages
  • Workers are considered one of the important pillars of TQM system
  • Role of performance appraisal process in applying the TQM concept
Module 2: Workers Performance Appraisal
  • Concept and importance of workers performance appraisal
  • Medium performance and the standard one
  • Skillful performance as a necessity and requirement can be achieved
  • Modern concept of performance appraisal in light of TQM
Module 3: Analyze Work and its Requirement to Evaluate Performance
  • Analyze work and tasks
  • Identify the physical, mental, and behavioral work needs
  • Analyze capacities and willingness of the workers
  • Methods of gauging workers capacities and willingness
  • Realize the harmony between work requirements and workers capacities
Module 4: Method of Performance Appraisal
  • Subjective methods versus the objective methods
  • Quantitative methods versus the qualitative methods
  • Confidentiality and publicity in performance appraisal
Module 5: Set Workers Development Appraisal Program with TQM Application
  • Interview as a mean to assess performance
  • Observation during participation as a mean to develop performance
  • Instructions and psychological and social directions as a mean to develop performance
  • Methods of previous systems integration with TQM application programs 

Target Audience
All are in charge of the subordinates'' performance appraisals, in light of TQM requirements like managers, supervisors, and head of departments at various organizations
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