Performance Management in Total Quality Management


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Program Objectives
  • Identify management strategy and develop the performance of employees, in light of the overall quality management strategy
  • Identify the needs of an organization to develop, evaluate and motivate employees in light of the requirements applied overall quality systems
  • Develop staff performance evaluation of the ways and methods of scientific objectivity system

Program Modules
Module 1: Basic Concepts of TQM
  • Definition of total quality management
  • Quality circles
  • Phases of the application of comprehensive quality systems
  • Working a four props of the quality system
  • The role of the performance appraisal process in the application of total quality model
Module 2: Evaluating the Performance of Employees
  • Concept and importance of evaluating employees’ performance
  • Average performance and standard performance
  • Skill as a necessity
  • Modern concept of performance evaluation in light of the overall quality system
 Module 3: Analyze and Identify its Requirements as a Basis for Evaluating Performance
  • Work and task analysis
  • Identify physical, mental and behavioral work needs
  • Preparation analysis of capabilities and personnel
  • Methods of measurement capabilities and preparation of workers
  • Achieving balance between business requirements and capabilities of workers
 Module 4: Ways and Methods of Performance Evaluation
  • Methods of self versus objective methods
  • Quantitative methods versus qualitative methods
  • Private and public in the performance assessment
 Module 5: How To Develop a Program to Improve the Performance of Your Employees?
  • A personal interview as a way to evaluate and develop performance
  • Participant observation as a means of assessing and improving performance
  • Psychological and social counseling and guidance
  • Integration of legacy systems with the application of the overall quality software methods

Target Audience
Managers who are responsible for evaluating the performance of subordinates in the light of the overall quality management requirements
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