Petroleum Measurement & Storage Tanks

Code : O/48

Course Objectives

Participants attending the program will understand the measurement avaliable, tanks operation procedures, pipeline control, proplem in shore tank measurement and problem in shipboard measurement.

Course Modules

 Shore Tanks Measurement: General Overview

  • Type of error
  • Sources of error
  • Calibration

Level Gauging in Shore Tanks

  • Before the tank & at the tank
  • Dip/ inn age
  • Automatical level guaging
  • Mechanical operated float guages
  • Others

Tempreature Measurement

  • Samples cans/stirring thermometers
  • Potable electronic theromometers
  • Tempreature measurement in fixed tank
  • Roof tank
  • Tempreature measurement in tanks containing heated products

Free Water Measurements

  • Free water gauging equipment
  • Sludge on tank bottoms
  • Water in suspension/ emulsion

Pipeline Control

  • Common Proplem in Shore Tank Measurement
  • Common Problem in Shipboard Measurement
  • Contrifugal Pumps and Valves
  • Corrison Protection
  • Calibration of Tanks 

Target Audience

This intensive course is aimed at engineers, supervisor, operators; technical persons involved in measuring and calibrated tanks in refineries, petrochemical plants and oil production companies.

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