Pipes & Piping Technology

Code : O/1
Course Objectives
This training course is designed to teach participants how to work with pipes & fittings, it is particularly useful for people who work with pipelines & processes which require piping systems. The course will review the types of pipes in a piping system & the uses & construction of tubing runs. It also discusses applications of threaded & flange pipes, as well as the various types of valves & their maintenance. 

Course Modules
Piping System Usage
  • Components-Assembly
  • Introduction Of Fluid Mechanics
  • Physical Properties
  • Effects of Heat & Pressure
 Pipe Fitting Basics
  • Materials
  • Connections
  • Tubing
  • Small Threaded Pipes
Piping Design Aspects
  • Piping Flow Diagram (PFD)
  • Piping Instrumentation Diagram
  • Stress - Flexibility
  • Types of Valves
  • Manual & Power Valve Operation & Maintenance
  • Piping Construction Procedures

Target Audience

Project Engineers
Pipeline Engineers & Technicians
Maintenance Engineers & Technicians
Pipeline Engineers & Technicians

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