Planning, Organizing & Follow-Up Skills


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Course Objectives
  • Define the scientific and practical standards and principles that control the planning and follow-up processes of various methods
  • Acquire the practical skills of standards and various methods in planning and follow-up work

Course Modules
Module 1: Planning Skills and Follow-up Implementation as a Requirement for Excellence
  • Challenges and Requirements, and global variables
  • Next century manager characteristics and the role of planning in it
  • Managerial Planning
  • Steps, stages, methods, and approaches of concept of managerial planning
  • Strategic Planning
  • Steps, stages, methods, and approaches of concept of strategic planning
  • Case study
 Module 2: Follow-up the Work Implementation
  • Concept of managerial follow-up and its relation to planning
  • Modern scientific methods in the field of study, analysis and follow up work implementation
 Module 3: Managerial and Behavioral Skills Required for Planning and Follow-up
  • Speech and dialogue
  • Time and self-management
  • Analyzing and understanding the internal and external variables
  • Case study
Module 4: How to Achieve Creativity and Innovation Equation (I = TS + C)
  • Information systems, relation to planning and follow-up work systems, and the guaranteed success
  • Practical Application: Measuring planning efficiency, work implementation follow up and innovation

Target Audience
Officials in various business organizations departments and public authorities specially planning, follow up departments that are associated with plans preparation and follow-up implementation at the organization level and its sections
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