Prerequisites of Management Development Strategies


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Course Objectives
  • Developing participants managerial and leadership skills and how to apply scientific and practical methods of management
  • Providing participants with modern methods of diagnosing & solving managerial problems, leading teamwork and rational decisions-making
  • Refining and developing behavioral skills to let them develop and increase the human elements to achieve job satisfaction and increase workers loyalty and Pertinence grade

Course Modules
Module 1: Concepts, Principles and Dimensions of Managerial Process
  • Management and managers (Posts and roles)
  • Dimensions and nature of the managerial process in modern organizations
  • Managerial posts in the organization and ways of development
Module 2: Planning Concept and its Elements
  • Basic contents of planning and setting the plan
  • Strategic Planning and Tactical Planning
  • Basic organizing principles in organizations
Module 3: Concept of Total Quality Management TQM
  • Total Quality Management as an input to organizing and development
  • Analyzing leadership patterns of managers and the developing the steering skill
  • Effective managerial liaisons and reciprocity relation 
Module 4: Manager’s Role to Increase Effectiveness of Human Element
  • Attain job satisfaction
  • Methods of diagnosing problems and decisions-making
  • Innovation and creativity and its role in the continuous improvement of performance 

Target Audience
Officials of various departments, head of departments and specialists in organizations and institutions and candidates for these posts, as well as officials in provinces and local governorates

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