Production Optimisation - Using NODAL Analysis Approach

Code : O/59

Course Objectives

This course provides practical instructions on design and analysis of naturally flowing oil and gas wells, as well as artificial left methods based on   Nodal analysis - concepts.

Course Modules

Module 1 Production System Analysis

  • Reservoir performance
  • Well performance equations
  • Drive mechanisms
  • Draw down or producing rate
  • IPR behavior of gas wells
  • Predicting present time IPR,3 for oil wells
  • IPR contraction for special cases
  • Water flood wells
  • Stratified formations
  • Inflow performance summary
  • Oil wells
  • Gas wells

Module 2: Flow In Pipes And Restrictions

  • Basic equations and concepts
  • Single phase flow
  • Two phase flow
  • Modification of the pressure gradient equations for two-phase flow
  • Fluid properties calculations
  • Empirical fluid properties correlations
  • Well flow correlations
  • Effect of variable on well performance
  • Pipeline flow correlations
  • Pressure drop through restrictions

 Module 3: Total System Analysis

  • Tubing size selection
  • Flow line size effect
  • Effect of stimulation
  • System analysis for well with restrictions
  • Nodal analysis of injection wells
  • Effect of depletion
  • Relating performance to well
  • Analyzing multiwell systems

Module 4: Artificial Left Design

  • Continuous flow gas lift
  • Well performance
  • Valve spacing
  • Gas lift valve performance
  • Otis design procedure
  • Submersible pump selection
  • Sucker rod or Beam pumping
  • Hydraulics pumping

Target Audience

Production, Mechanical and Chemical Engineers associated with the oil industry

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