Professional Meeting Management


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Course Objectives
  • Acquainting participants with the managerial skills of organizing, planning and leading meetings and committees
  • Refining and developing meetings and committees, managing and leading and dealing with situations skills and the assembled individuals to ensure the correct decisions and outcomes

Course Modules
Module 1: Basic Concepts of Meetings and Committees
  • Identifying meetings and committees and their role in increasing the managerial effectiveness
  • Different types of meetings and committees
  • Rules organizing the work path and procedures
  • Meetings and committees regulatory and legal aspects
Module 2: Planning Skills and Organization of Meetings and Committees
  • Justification for convening a meeting
  • How to set agendas
  • Meeting basic arrangements
  • Meetings technical aspects
  • Permanent and adhoc committees
Module 3: Effective leading Skills of Meetings and Committees
  • Leading ways and arts of meetings, panel discussions and technical committees
  • Skills of dealing with different patterns of the meeting individuals and facing different situations
  • Skills of achieving effective participation in decision-making
  • Skills of discovering disagreement and agreement points to meeting members and identifying raised questions
  • Exercise
Module 4: How to Draw the Subject for Discussion and Decision
  • Meeting time keeping skills
  • Skills of the good speech, effective presentation and listening
  • Meetings and committees key outputs (decisions / recommendations)
  • The role of committee secretary
Module 5: Decision-making Skills and Approval Procedures
  • Successful decisions and how to make them
  • Specifications and standards of good minutes and how to review
  • Developing techniques of meetings and committees performance
  • Open discussion 

Target Audience

All administrative levels, whose work requires holding meetings and as well as meetings and committees determinants and secretaries

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