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Course Objectives

  • Provide participants with the relevant essential information of public relations and its concepts
  • Develop participants’ skills and performance in practicing different activities with a concentration on developing their innovative and creative skills in public relations activities

 Course Modules

Module 1: Role of Public Relations in realizing Organization’s Objectives

  • Organizational situation to public relations management and its relation with the managerial organization
  • Planning of public relation activity with an innovative thinking
    • Innovative planning concept
    • Preparation stages of public relations plan
    • Innovative thinking and generating of ideas its role in realizing effective planning

Module 2: Effective Communication Methods in Public Relations

  • Advantage and disadvantage of the variable communication methods
  • Differentiation standards between communication methods
  • Selection factors of the effective communication methods

Module 3: Skills Mutual Communications

  • Effective negotiation skills
  • Negotiation concept and nature
  • Negotiation policies and strategies
  • How to be an effective negotiator

Module 4: Concept of Public Opinion

  • Importance of recognizing public opinion
  • Public opinion types
  • Measurement methods of public opinion
  • Follow up skills of media channels
    • Identify its effect on public opinion
    • Respond to what has been published about the organization
    • Models and types of customers and audience and the of customer management listing
    • Identify human behaviors and humans motives and tendencies
    • Problem solving skills of workers and clients

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