Quality Control & Quality Assurance Of Concrete

Code : C/10

Course Objectives

This program will empower all those working in Quality Control of concrete with the skills required for Quality assurance standards of concrete. Participants will be able to acquire the practical skills required for the efficient & effective implementation of this program.

Course Modules

  • Principles of quality concrete W/C ratio vs strength/durability
  • Portland cement admixtures, aggregates & water quality
  • Principles of mix design
  • Ready mix batching of concrete
  • Placing concrete/vibration
  • Volume changes of concrete
  • Finishing
  • Curing (hot ,wet & cold weather)
  • Causes of common defects
  • Sampling concrete
  • Slump / temperature
  • Cylinders & cubes – density & yield
  • Standards & specifications
  • Pressure & volumetric meter
  • Records & reports & quality assurance manual
  • ACT exam procedures
  • Basic cement chemistry
  • Special admixtures for concrete (HR WR. Silica fume, metakaolin RHA)
  • Strength & deformation
  • Non-destructive testing
  • Applications

Target Audience

Engineers & technicians

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