Quality Cost Control


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Course Objectives

  • Familiarize participants with the costs of quality information systems and their advantages
  • Acquisition of measuring quality in organizations of various kinds and the preparation of management reports for decision-makers the cost of skills

Course Modules

Module 1: Introduction to Cost of Quality Information System

  • Quality concepts
  • Quality objectives
  • Concept of quality cost
  • Importance of quality cost
  • Types of quality cost
  • Approaches to analyzing the relationship between elements of quality cost

Module 2: Entrance to Behavior of Cost of Quality: Goran Cost Quality

  • Modern entrance (Zero defect)
  • Measuring quality cost

Module 3: Relationship between types of Quality Cost

  • Elements of quality costs
  • Another division of the costs of quality
  • Costs phenomenon and hidden costs
  • Responsibility for quality measurement
  • Stages of the evolution of quality
  • Access to comprehensive quality

Target Audience

  • Financial managers
  • Quality organization monitors
  • Plant managers and production managers
  • Workers seedlings inspection and supervision and follow-up
  • Technical department managers

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