Re-Engineering Management


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Course Objectives
  • Provide participants with modern knowledge and concepts of work development systems and methods
  • Refine participants skills by using scientific methods to develop work systems, methods and skills by applying practical methods of work study, measure and procedure analysis to develop them

Course Modules
Module 1: Managerial Organizing Concepts and Scientific Basis
  • Organizational chart
  • Official organizational connections
  • Impact on workflow or complexity
  • Sucess story
Module 2: Organizational Development and Management Skills
  • Measuring the dimensions of organizational atmosphere at the managerial unit areas of work development
  • Prepare self-development plans and charts
  • Work-study methods
  • Scientific approaches to different Work studies: Design and arrange workplace
  • Use of assistant tools in procedures simplification
  • Analyze work into its initial terms" time, movement, flow and action"
  • Work measurement methods
  • Case study
 Module 3: Performance Rates: Concept, Various Methods for Setting and Analysis
  • Performance rates and the possibility of measuring several jobs
  • Work behaviors: Organizational behavior and skills of agreement with others
  • How to communicate: Effective writing/verbal communication effectively and its impact on reducing time wastage
  • Questions and answers
 Module 4: Simplify Information Flow Process and Reduce the Proportion of Duplicated Work
  • Tactical diagnostic model of re-engineering
  • Re-engineering application determinants
  • Four levels of work and the organization design: Individual, group, organizational unit and network
  • Organizational change tools take place
  • Change attributes that undertake during re-engineering
  • Open discussion

Target Audience

Officials in organizing, work development methods departments and planning, follow up and research departments. Work studies, development committees and human resources development
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