Risk Assessment & Management


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Course Objectives
  • Familiarize participants with the scientific concept of modern foundations of risk assessment in the workplace and the means to control risks and the scientific foundations, which must be considered in the assessment
  • Develop participants’ skills on international management systems and risk assessment, in accordance with international standards (ISO 31000) and its various applications in the industry and various organizations

Course Modules
Module 1: Introducing the Types of Risk
  • International definition of risk
  • Risk and Response history
  • Types of risks
  • Difference between rish management and risk control
 Module 2: Hazard Identification And Risk Management
  • Internal and external factors affecting the dangers
  • Risk screening
  • Preliminary analysis of risk
  • Description of danger and risk assessment
  • Methods of risk analysis techniques
  • Risk assessment methods
  • Prepare reports and risk communication
  • External reporting
  • Case study
 Module 3: Risk Mitigation Approaches
  • Monitor and review the operations of risk management
  • Structure and organization of risk management
  • Risk Management Policy
  • Role of the Board of Directors and the role of business units
  • Role of the risk management functions
  • Role of the internal auditors
  • Risk Transfer
 Module 4: Classification of Dangerous Operations
  • Risk Analysis and Control to control
  • SWOT Analysis: strength, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats
  • Events and fault tree
  • Causes analysis of system failure
  • Incidents affecting stability
  • Risk management tools E-government projects
  • PESTEL System: Analysis of the political, economic, social, technical, legal factors and environment (ISO 31000)
  • Practical Application

Target Audience
  • Managers and heads of departments and officials and heads of crisis and risk team
  • Members of the crisis and risk management team
  • All employees involved in the process of risk management in various departments and divisions and in companies, institutions and ministries

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