Secretaries & Office Managers Excellence

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Why Attend This Training Course?
Secretaries and Office Managers Excellence training course focuses on the ‘How?’ - using critical skills and behaviors to develop personal competencies; then, the ‘What?’ - developing task competencies needed to achieve successful process delivery and building on your existing personal knowledge and skills-set, giving you a better understanding of how you and your colleagues might work together more effectively in any office environment. The production of a follow-up action plans which can help you implement new skills back at work. New skills are introduced and then revisited at regular intervals throughout this training course, helping reinforce and embed skills and performance. This intensive training course will give participants a better understanding of the ‘people skills’ and ‘individual skills’ that are needed in a business environment and which can help them develop their existing competencies into superior skills.

What Is The Training Course Methodology?
This training course methodology depends on enabling participants to interact and exchange experiences, explore their competencies and achieve their career aspirations, using forward-thinking training arts, such as theoretical lectures and/or open discussion to exchange opinions and experiences, scenarios, innovative thinking brainstorming. Participants will receive an agenda including training material as a reference, in addition to some extra notes and booklets. 

Who Should Attend This Training Course?
This training course is designed for:
  • Office managers and workers in admin and secretary at all its different levels
  • Public relation and employees affairs who are working in both the public and private corporation sectors
  • Governmental bodies' employees who are involved in applying the electronic government and administrative development  

What Are The Training Course Objectives?
  • Enrich the skills in finding and identifying causes of work stress and defining its type and causes
  • Identify modern concepts of office work and clerical management
  • Focus on duties and responsibilities illustration
  • Apply the main tasks of office managers
  • Guarantee methods of excellence in performance
  • Refine the administrative and behavioral skills and capabilities that increases performance efficacy in clerical work
  • Learn the most recent means and technological methods that are used in office management

What Is The Training Course Curriculum?
Modern Concept of Office Management: An Overview
  • Office work importance in increasing managerial efficacy
  • Main tasks for office mangers
  • Identify office work problems
  • Role of planning and organization in office work success
  • Case study (I)
Administrative Skills of Office Managers and Means of Progress
  • Information arrangement and management (daily work of office manager)
  • Basics of successful administrative writing and its good drafting
  • Preparing and organizing meetings and interviews
  • Preparing and organizing meetings and committees
  • Preparing and organizing minutes of meetings and reports
  • Managing time and organizing for manger time
Required Behavioral Skills to achieve Efficiency of Office Mangers
  • Means of achieving the efficient communication with others
  • Mutual relations and developing skills of dealing with others
  • Skills of speech, and listing
  • Skills of reading and good thinking
  • Skills of quickness and grasping work
  • How to face pressures and have control over stress
  • Case study (II)
 Technical Skills of Office Managers
  • Administrative information systems and role of office manager
  • How to afford the required information for decision making and follow up
  • Skill of streamlining and enhancing procedures and developing work systems
  • Basis of computers and their uses in office work
  • Practical application

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ACAD Professional Certificate - APC
ACAD Training & Consulting uses the power of its network to bring about positive, tangible change. We champion the training courses profession and the interests of individuals, engaged in that profession, for the benefit of all. ACAD Professional Certificates are designed for those who are enthusiastic to challenge themselves to reach the extra mile. Participants who fully attend an APC course and successfully pass the exam on the last training day, will receive an ACAD Professional Certificate (APC). APC are regionally recognized and can be esteemed when applying for more senior roles in Egypt and MENA region.

Exam Details:

Duration: 1 hour | Multiple Choice | Closed book | Pass mark: 65%

Course Schedule

22 - 25 Aug
10:00 AM To 3:00 PM
Cairo | Instructor-led
4 Sessions
26 - 29 Dec
10:00 AM To 3:00 PM
Cairo | Instructor-led
4 Sessions

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