Self-Management, Concentration Engineering and Management Innovation


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Course Objectives
  • Discuss human behavior basic concepts and work motivation and creativity
  • Give participant the necessary skills of recognizing oneself and how to control it
  • How to deal with others (subordinates and seniors)
  • Recognition on the basis of confidence, ability to influence and persuade.
  • Enhance participants’ concentration skills
  • Enrich participant creativity skills in solving problems

Course Modules
Module 1: Human Nature
  • Basic concepts of human behavior
  • Nature of the human soul
  • Motivation and human behavior
  • Human relations and human nature
  • NLP and human nature
  • Human nature and its inclination towards work and creativity
Module 2: Self-Management
  • What is personality?
  • Types of personality
  • Who are you? Practical training to get to know your personality
  • Self-management skills
  • Develop self-confidence
  • Ability to influence and persuade
  • Self-control management
  • Managing conflict
 Module 3: Concentration Engineering
  • What does concentration and its relation to memory mean?
  • Investigate both sides of the brain
  • Brain mechanisms to remember
  • Forgetfulness factors
  • Short-term vs. long-term memory
  • Concentration process development Skills
  • Concentration Motivations
  • Concentration stimuli
  • Training activities on concentration skills 
  • Mind mapping
Module 4: Releasing Work Creativity Potentials
  • What is creativity at work?
  • Nature of creative personality at work
  • Prime the work environment for creativity
  • Stimulating creativity
  • Creative thinking relationship to problems solving
  • Enhancing creativity at work
  • Case studies and practical situations relevant to creativity at work
    Module 5: Problem Analysis and handling Conflicts at Work
  • Types of conflicts
  • Identifying and indicating problems, and the information systems role
  • Innovative approaches in the problems analysis and identifying alternatives
  • Types of leaders in solving problems and managing conflicts
  • Open discussion

  • Target Audience

    Incumbents of managerial positions, leadership consulting, executive, heads of departments, supervisors and their disciplinary at all organizations and institutions
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