Simplification of Work & Performance Development


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Course Objectives
  • Enhancing participants’ organizational skills and provide them with the required techniques for preparing organizational charts and studying its motives and justifications
  • Optimizing participants’ skills to analyze problems & critical issues in building organizational frameworks, in accordance with the scientific basics and practices in reality
  • Defining the techniques of analysis and assessment of work as a method that contributes to the work procedures simplification and improvement

 Course Modules
Module 1: General Organizational Framework and its Functions
  • Concept of managerial organization
  • Organization as one of the management process aspects
  • Models and theories of organization
  • Stages and steps for setting up organizational chart
  • Case study
Module 2: Organizational Principles
  • Specifying work objectives and allocation of rescourses
  • Leadership unity
  • Authority, responsibility and delegation of authority
  • Span of control, supervision and coordination
  • Matrix of authority
  • Both dimensions of centralization and decentralization
  • Questions & answers
Module 3: Workplace Design and its Impact on the Workflow
  • Concept of workplace design
  • Site selection and building suitability
  • Offices Interior design and the specific principles
  • Selecting departments and sections location within the building
  • Open office and its advantages
  • Questions & answers
Module 4: Performance ratios and work assessment
  • Performance ratios purpose and its goals
  • Performance timing criteria and measurement methods
  • Exercise
Module 5: Simplifying Rules, Regulations and Administrative Commands
  • Types of regulations and how to prepare
  • Simplifying and planning tasks
  • Management instructions and commands content
  • Stages to improve the existing regulations and designing forms and documents
  • Case study
Module 6: Work Procedures Tools and Approaches to Improve Work Methods
  • Processes flow charts
  • Designing and simplifying forms and procedures
  • Principles of procedures simplification
  • Required Models and capitals 
  • Group discussion

Target Audience
Directors and heads of departments, specialists in organizing units and authorizers of simplifying procedures and work development
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