Skills Development of Store Keepers

Code : 5/27
Course Objectives
  • Develop participants skills in reception and supply process for inventories
  • Develop participants skills in the internal planning processes of inventories with presentation on its problems and methods of handle it
  • Enhance participants skills in exchange and external supply processes

Course Modules
Module 1: Develop Skills of Reception and Supply
  • Role of waiting areas in the reception and supply processes
  • Inventory supply procedures
  • Inventory coding and specification procedures
  • Inventory accounting
Module 2: Develop Internal Inventory Planning Skills
  • Importance of inventory planning
  • Methods of arranging stored items
  • Inventory economic planning
  • Internal planning problems and its handling methods
 Module 3: Develop Skills of Exchange and Internal Supply
  • Exchange processes
  • Authority of exchange permission
  • Schedules of exchange processes arrangement
  • Exchange problems and its handle methods
  • The modern methods of inventory and its role in inventory management success
  • Practical Application: Case Studies
Module 4: Skills of Dealing with Others
  • Methods and arts of dealing with others
  • Types of humans and how to recognize them
  • Art of dealing with others: Internal and External
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