Skills Development of Top Management Secretaries


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Course Objectives

  • Identify modern concept of office, secretarial, & clerical management with a focus on duties & responsibilities illustration and the main tasks of office managers and guarantee methods of excellence in performance
  • Refine participants' skills at administrative & behavioral capabilities with the manner that increases performance efficacy in secretarial work
  • Provide participants with the most recent means & technological methods, which are used in office management & developing their technical and managerial abilities to use them


Course Modules 

Module 1: Introduction to Advanced Secretarial Work

  • Office work importance in increasing managerial efficacy
  • Main tasks for office mangers and office work problems
  • Role of planning and organization in office work success

Module 2: Administrative Skills of Office Managers & Means of Progress

  • Information arrangement and management (daily work of executive secretary)
  • Basics of successful administrative writing & its good drafting
  • Preparing & organizing meetings/interviews
  • Preparing & organizing meetings/committees


Module 3: Time Management Skills

  • Importance and inevitability of work time planning & management
  • Required skills to time planning & self-management
  • Training lab for participants to prepare scenarios & planning models & time management from work reality
  • Some of the international methods for time management to overcome daily pressures and employee time wasting


Module 4: Writing Skills of Reports & Managerial Correspondences

  • Reports its concepts and types and methods
  • Skills of reports and its record
  • Preparing and organizing minutes of meetings and reports


Module 5: Required Behavioral Skills to achieve Efficiency of Secretaries

  • Means of achieving the efficient communication with others
  • Mutual relations & developing skills of dealing with others
  • Skills of speech & listing
  • Skills of reading & good thinking
  • Skills of quickness & grasping work
  • How to face pressures & have control over stress


Module 6: Technical Skills of Secretaries & Office Managers

  • Administrative information systems & role of office manager
  • How to afford the required information for decision making & follow up the
  • Skill of streamlining & enhancing procedures and developing work systems
  • Basis of computers and their uses in office work


Target Audience 

High-level secretaries & office managers who are in field of executive administration

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