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People love to stay connected, so it’s no wonder that social media sites continue to grow in popularity. Although, social media sites are going mobile, people can often forget where to draw the line, especially at work. Organizations ought to examine how this type of Internet open-sourced media could be affecting them and when they can implement ways to navigate along with technology in the right path without allowing it to interfere in productivity. To efficiently acknowledge the proper use of social media in the workplace, an employee should understand the basic building blocks of social media platforms and the various techniques in order to interact and operate.

Course Objectives
  • Learn the meaning of social media in the workplace
  • Learn different ways social media is used and altered
  • Build and maintain a social media policy
  • Keeping your social media secure
  • Establishing rules for the social media the company posts
  • Discover the benefits and pitfalls of using social media

Course Modules
Module 1 Action Plans and Evaluation Forms
Module 2 What is the real meaning of Social Media?
Module 3 Defining Your Social Media Policy (I)
Module 4 Defining Your Social Media Policy (II)
Module 5 Creating a Living Document
Module 6 Keeping an Eye on Security
Module 7 Rules to Follow When Posting (I)
Module 8 Rules to Follow When Posting (II)
Module 9 Benefits of Social Media 
Module 10 The Pitfalls of Social Media  
Module 11 Listen to Your Customers 

Target Audience
This course is designed for Digital Marketing employees who are in the field and/or new fresh-graduate enthusiasts as well to be led the viral marketing methods used in the workplace; Brand managers, and purchasing capacity decision-makers.

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