Strategic Approach to Human Resources Management


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Course Objectives
  • Provide participants with the basic knowledge of human resources economics
  • Discuss methods and strategies of human resources development at the general and private level
  • Enrich participants' managerial, planning and organizational skills at human resources development area

Course Modules
Module 1: Basic Concepts of Human Resources Development
  • Planning and developing
  • Analyzing and identifying the purpose
  • Describe and analyze jobs
Module 2: Organizational Atmosphere
  • Training
  • Delegation
  • Job rotation
  • Handle Workers’ Problems
Module 3: Future Career Development
  • Planning career future of human resources management
  • Main concepts of career future planning
  • Stages and process of career future planning
Module 4: Worker Performance Evaluation
  • Concept of worker performance appraisal and its areas of use in human resources management
  • Methods of performance appraisal
  • Performance appraisal interviews
  • Case study: Japanese experience in human resources development

Target Audience
Head of units and departments and personnel departments, and managerial development department and all the supervisors that have responsibility included in human resources management

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