Strategic Financial Management reaching Organizational Competitive Edge


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 Course Objectives

  • Provide participants with knowledge of modern strategic accounting tools in reducing costs and modern methods in maximizing profitability while maintaining quality
  • Train participants to rationalize the use of available material and human resources and to raise awareness among participants of the importance of reducing costs and its impact on production and control sales

Course Modules 

Module 1: Strategic Accounting Tools

  • Strategic Accounting Concept
  • Components of strategic accounting
  • Strategic Cost Analysis Approach
  • Strategies for achieving competitive advantage
  • Cost Leadership Strategy
  • Featured product strategy
  • Specific focus strategy
  • Analysis of value chains and its role in cost reduction

Module 2: Value Chain Approach (Concept - Basics - Components - Steps)

  • Value - added measurement tools for the unit across the value chain
  • Method of estimating the value of the activity from the resources of the establishment
  • Value Index Table
  • Matrix competitors'' pressure
  • List of profitability of value chain elements
  • Use a value chain approach in reducing cost
  • Cost model of product attributes
  • Model of adding value to product attributes
  • Method of excluding non-host elements of value
  • The role of strategic position analysis in achieving product differentiation strategy

Module 3: Product Differentiation Strategy (Concept - Characteristics - Ingredients - Risk of Success)

  • General Framework for Strategic Position Analysis
  • Collecting strategic information
  • Analysis of the internal strategic position (SWOT matrix)
  • Analysis of the Strategic External Position (Strategic Options Matrix)
  • Expanded matrix to assess conduct according to strategic position
  • Modern accounting approaches to reduce cost

Module 4: Targeted Cost Approach (Inputs - Utilities such as Quality Spread Matrix, Supplier Analysis and Activity Based Management)

  • Continuous improvement approach
  • Other cost cutting tools
  • Quality measurement and management system
  • Measurement stages
  • Quality report and decision-making
  • System of measurement and management of energy costs
  • Idle power report 

Target Audience

  • Responsible for strategic planning
  • Higher Management
  • Financial managers, accountants, heads of cost departments, cost accountants and administrative accountants

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