Strategic Management Using SWOT Analysis

Code : 1/97
Course Objectives
  • Provide participants with the necessary knowledge of strategic management and its tools
  • Provide them with the skills of how to design strategies and policies
  • Provide them business planning and strategic performance reports

Course Modules
Module 1: Fundamentals of Strategic Planning
  • Business environment changes and the progressive needfor strategic management
  • The evolution of strategic management to cope with future changes
  • The transformation from preparing for the future to making the future
  • Basic concept of strategic planning
  • The most important strategic problems that face Arab managers
  • Components and phases of strategic management
  • The different levels of strategy formulation
 Module 2: Strategic Analysis of Corporate Activities
  • Elements of external environment
  • The relationship between the external environment and the organization
  • Components of service environment (Competitors, Customers, Supplies, Human Capital, Substitute Products)
  • How to analyze external environment
  • Opportunities and threats workshop
 Module 3: Analyzing Internal Abilities of the Organization
  • Strengths and weaknesses
  • Purpose of internal analysis
  • Strengths and weaknesses and organizational life cycle
  • Global efficiency and the elements of competition
  • Corporate efficiency workshop
  • The relative importance of strengths and weaknesses
 Module 4: SWOT Analysis
  • Objective and content of the analysis
  • The quadrants of internal and external factors
  • SWOT workshop
  • Articulating the strategy based on SWOT
 Module 5: Strategic Thinking Approach
  • Shortages of SWOT analysis
  • The assumptions to SWOT analysis
  • Strategic alternatives and the role of strategic thinking
Module 6: The Balanced Scorecard
  • The translation of strategies to goals and ratios
  • Reaching the strategic map
Module 7: Strategic Implementation
  • Strategic alternatives
  • McKenzie framework to achieve effectiveness
  • Supporting organizational charts
  • Management systems
  • Implementation requirements
Module 8: Strategic Evaluation
  • The relationship between strategic levels and the strategic evaluation process
  • Characteristics of information to achieve control levels
  • The general framework of strategic evaluation

Target Audience

All leadership and top management levels

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