Strategic Planning & Avoidance of Management Crises


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Course Objectives
  • Provide participants with the strategic management planning basics and importance to face crises in productive, service organizations and governmental authorities in light of changes occur in the business environment recently
  • Study some strategic cases that shows the level of success achieved by organizations who are following the strategic management and planning in order to face crises much better than the level of success achieved by organizations that follow this traditional pattern in the management

Course Modules
Module 1: Definition of what is meant by Strategic Management and Planning
  • Difference between contemporary strategic management and traditional management
  • Identify crisis management and crisis proportions and types
  • Basic requirements to use the strategy management attitude
    • Supporting senior management
    • Provide advanced managerial information system
    • Provide teamwork equipped with managerial skills, lingual and statistical equipment that are needed for planning to face crises
    • Advanced practical case studies
 Module 2: Preparing for Setting Strategy to Avoid Crises
  • Studying the incentive systems and organizational culture management philosophy
    Strategic vision and mission of the organization
  • Survey and study of the external environment for crises forecasting
  • Local and global economic conditions
  • Study social and political conditions
  • Survey technical conditions and forecasting occurring changes that undertaken business environment
 Module 3: Devise emerging Trends as a result of Studying Previous Variables
  • Identify existing opportunities and challenges in international market, in terms of crises and disasters
  • Additional necessary tackles to modify the paths to face a crisis
  • Specialized reports on correcting methods of crisis confrontation
  • Applied Laboratory on crisis management and how to face and modify its path by using creative thinking 

Target Audience
Managers, head of departments who tend to be responsible for strategic planning to avoid crises in an organization, organizing policies of the organization and who are intended to be qualified in apply strategic planning during cris

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