Strategic Training and Contemporary Human Development


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Course Objectives

  • Analyze and discuss the tools and techniques, which are being used in upgrading the human performance through filling the performance gap and trying to breakthrough the common barrier at the training globe
  • Exceed the actual activities limits that are applied now in order to develop and change systems, policies and the current methods to enhance the humankind performance

Course Modules

Module 1: Basic Orientations for Training and Human Development

  • Training activity management
  • Training concepts, importance and objectives
  • Administrative and technical work attributes to training
  • Role of training in developing and enhancing the human capabilities 

Module 2: Transferring Training Department into Human Performance Department

  • Give the proofs and arguments of the need existence of change
  • Give and build the support for change
  • Create a flexible instructive chart for change

Module 2: Handling of Human Performance Problems

  • Available sources that inferred what has to be done
  • Means that can be used in collecting information
  • Identify what are the latent reasons behind the human performance gaps
  • Analyze the heuristics and the existing circumstances

Module 3: Choose and Apply Human Performance Upgrading Strategies

  • Human performance enhancement strategies
  • How to apply the human performance upgrading strategies?
  • Search and analyze the work environment and worker problems 

Module 4: Appraisal Results

  • Similarities and differences
  • Assessment methods of human performance
  • Step-by-step models that direct human performance upgrading strategies
  • Competencies that should be available in the human performance upgrading appraisal officers

Target Audience

Head of the different training departments, training officers, human resources development and candidates for those jobs at the various departments

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