Supply Chain Management & Logistics Operations


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Course Objectives
  • Provide participants with the concept of the modern supply chain logistics data under management
  • Provide participants with the objectives of the supply chain system and its benefits and the need for the growing potential
  • Maintain contemporary perceptions strategies for supply chain management processes and their role in the competition
  • Provide the skills needed to prepare and design and operation of an effective supply chain management system
  • Understand the mutual importance of the activities of procurement, storage, transportation and distribution within the supply chain management system
  • Keep participants with recent trends in the application of business logistics management

Course Modules
Module 1: Business Logistics and Competitiveness
  • Strategic tasks for system logistics business
  • Adequate logistics system and its components and elements of design
  • Planning for business logistics in the service areas
  • System targets and logistics elements of cost and methods of administration
  • Integrated logistics and logistics model cosmic
 Module 2: Recent trends in the Application of Business Logistics Management
  • Right product
  • Right place
  • Right time
  • Right quantity
  • Right condition
  • Right Customer
  • Right Cost 
Module 3: Supply Chain Management
  • Supply chain strategies and their role in the competition
  • Supply and serve consumers and customers series
  • Value and cost supply
Module 4: Supply and Supply Chain Strategies
  • Conformity with the demand
  • Selection and evaluation of suppliers
  • Methods and tools to support the activities of the supply chain
 Module 5: Supply Management in the Context of Globalization
  • Future direction of the supply of and challenges
  • E-commerce and supply chain
  • Plan in the context of supply chain tasks
  • Transportation and supply chain management
  • Supply Chain Management Technology Information
Module 6: Planning, Inventory Control and Purchasing
  • Evaluate and measure inventory and models
  • Types of demand and procurement regulations
  • Material requirements planning system
  • Instant table system and Rapid Response System 

Target Audience
  • Procurement and warehousing, planning and development, production, studies and operations managers
  • Managers and heads of departments of warehouses and stores departments
  • Engineers working in various administrative and engineering sectors
  • Heads of units of materials and supplies and cost accountants working in production and internal managers

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