Switching Fuels from Liquid to Natural Gases


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Course Objectives

  • Familiarizes participants with the types of fuels and their chemical physical and heating properties
  • Enhances participants understanding on the cost reduction associated with fuel switching and environmental protection
  • Develops participant’s capabilities to switch fuel from liquids to natural gas by providing them with the methods of switching fuels and the feasibility of switching

Course Modules

Module 1: Introduction

  • Types of fuels
  • Fuel properties
  • Calorific values
  • API specifications

Module 2: Natural Gas

  • Sources of N.G.
  • Reserves of Natural gases
  • Properties and Calorific value

Module 3: Methods of N.G. Transportation and Handling

  • Switching fuels in boilers: (required modifications)
  • Switching fuels in furnaces: (required modifications)
  • Switching fuels in fertilizer industry

Module 4: Use of N.G. as Fuel and Catalyst

  • Compressed natural gas in vehicles
  • Economics consideration in switching fuels
  • Environment protection associated with switching fuel to N.G.
  • Case study 

Target Audience

Engineers, technicians and foremen working in steel engineering, chemical and fertilizers industries also Diesel vehicle engineers and technicians

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