The Purchasing Methodology, according to FIDIC

Code : 5/16
Course Objectives
Provide participants with the concepts and the modern information in the field of purchasing and how to do the commercial correspondences, negotiation, and purchasing contracts through the regulating systems of external and internal purchasing   

Course Modules
Module 1: Internal Organization of Purchasing Department 
  • Legislations and regulations that organize external and internal purchasing
    • Internal purchasing
      • Estimated budget
      • Methods of purchasing and its procedure
      • Contracts
                  In the field of external purchasing
                  Required data 
                  Terms and conditions for the suppliers upon loans request
                  External purchasing sources selection 
                  Loans study and analysis
  • Issuance of purchasing orders and contracts 
 Module 2: Preparation to Pay External Purchasing Values
  • Carrying and securing precautions of external purchasing
  • Customs clearance procedures of purchases and it problems 
  • Information systems and computer use in the field of purchasing 
Module 3: Stages of Negotiation Process and Required Procedures 
  • Variable negotiation strategies and tactics of effective negotiation 
  • Skills of contracting and its drafting requirement 
  • Core queries and details that should be considered in a contract 
  • Stages of contracting and correlation 
  • Examples of commercial contracts types 
  • Preparation of the international constructive contracts and FIDIC rules 
  • International commercial arbitration: Rules of the International Commercial Chamber in Paris (ICC)

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