Total Quality Management (TQM)

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Course Objectives
  • Identify the total quality management concept and its application benefits to the organization
  • Train participants in setting a general plan for Total Quality Management in the organization
  • How to apply the methods and tools of TQM
  • Identify key factors that support the practical application and to avoid the common occurring mistakes and overcome the application problems

 Course Modules
Module 1: Basic Concepts of Total Quality Management - TQM
  • Definition of total quality management and its objectives
  • Old rules and concepts of quality
  • Change strategy and development through TQM
  • Total quality objectives based on the overall competition and search for   excellence elements
 Module 2: Experiences of Nations in Total Quality Management
  • Quality Circles in Japan
  • Managing by participation in the United States
  • Cost and outcome in Total Quality Management
    • Cost reduction through quality
    • Measuring the return on investment
    • Return on employees
    • Return on management
 Module 3: Application Stages of Total Quality Management

  • Modern vision to client and his needs
  • Identifying success key elements
  • Measuring the quality outputs of the Organization
  • Identify causes of poor quality, and its improvement methods
  • Develop general plan for Total Quality Management in the organization
  • Measure methods of improvement level in quality
  • Common mistakes and problems and risks faced by the application
 Module 4: Quality Circles (QC)
  • Implementation principles and rules of the QC’s programs
  • Role of the various parties: Facilitator, leader, members
  • Selecting and training QCs team members
  • Setting objectives of the QCs and its evaluation
  • Key steps to analyze and solve problems

Target Audience
Various departments’ employees in organizations and bodies who seek to apply total quality management systems
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