Training Needs Analysis & Evaluation of Training Return on Investment


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Course Objectives
Prepare participants in theory and practice to be able to analyze and identify training needs in both scientific and practical manner, by selecting the target levels and required variables, then measure the return of training indicators

Course Modules
Module 1: Identification of Training Needs
  • Formulate training needs
  • Identification
  • Information collection
  • Data analysis
  • Application of curriculum: Description of current conditions
  • Imposition of the assumptions and analysis
  • Specify areas of group training
  • Test the most appropriate programs
  • Identify surveys and stand at the level of responses 
Module 2: Importance of Training
  • Training interventions
  • Organizational HR direction
  • Development planning and policy formulation opportunities
  • Training needs analysis
  • Information necessary to conduct the analysis
  • Current and projected skills measurements and determine the timeframe
  • Identification of training areas and trainees are most needed (development) perspective
  • Data collection methods to identify training needs with practical studies and observation methods
  • User survey
  • Consulting operations
  • Printed materials: Organizational records
  • Personal interviews
  • Social discussions
  • Assessment records and reports
  • Work samples
  • Final survey before the practical training
  • Strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities points
  • Performance of the organization and environment factors
Module 3: Indicators needed to Formulate Training Programs Work Environment
  • Formulate a training plan: Actual target
  • Methods and tools for training and training aids
  • Areas covered by the plan
  • Ongoing training methods
  • Design and implementation of training
  • Appropriate to the nature of the activity design entries
  • Appropriate design the entrances to the nature of the administrative environment
  • Appropriate to the nature of strategic development design entries
  • Practical production and activation of relation
Module 4: Training Return
  • Training reports
  • Levels and indicators of benefit
  • Impact of training on performance (organization, activities, individuals)
  • Impact of training on cultural changes and awareness of a career
  • Impact of training and for the post qualification of human resources
  • Impact of training on the new cognitive skills
  • Impact of training on reducing threats and increasing the chances of confrontation change
  • Impact of training on human resource management performance
  • Measurable training return
  • Identify target levels
  • Identify variables necessary corrections
  • Determine the behavior and operations due training
  • Propose indicators and a posteriori tests
  • Cost-benefit approach
  • Curriculum change and impact
  • Track responses curriculum
  • Curriculum holds all non-material changes
  • Monitoring results
  • Practical Application: Case study
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