Training Needs Assessment based on Performance Rating

Code : 2/24
Course Objectives
  • Enable participants to acquire the ability of identifying training needs and the skills to measure the outcome of merit-based training
  • Acquaint participants with the role played by the human resources for applying the merit based training approach and the benefits resulted from it

 Course Modules
Module 1: Introduction for Merit-based Training
  • Merit based training methodology
  • Benefit for the organization from applying the merit based training principals
  • Role of training in increasing the whole organization efficacy
  • Drawing training policies in the entity
  • Setting strategies 
Module 2: Essentials of Planning for the merit-based training
  • Acquainting the job excellence characteristics
  • How to measure the employees’ merits
  • How to use the measuring tools which are designed on the merit basis
  • Comparing the employees merit features with the excellence characteristics
  • Identifying the training gap for the employee
Module 3: Transforming Training Needs into Action Plans
  • Follow up and evaluating methods within the merit based training system
  • Used forms and the training regulations
  • Documentary cycle of the training accounts
Module 4: Estimating Basic Cost and Training Outcome
  • Efficacy versus cost in training
  • Role of the training outcome in enhancing profitability
  • Practical applications 

Target Audience
Training managers, supervisors, staff in training departments as well as human resources officers and personnel at different organizations

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