Ventilation Engineering


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Course Objectives

Provide participants with full appreciation of the types of ventilation and it’s properties. Enhances participants’ skills to select the proper ventilation & base them properly

Course Modules

Module 1: The motive force

  • Inductive action of the wind
  • Induced draft
  • Combine forces of wind effect and thermal effect
  • Mechanical ventilation
  • Air ventilation requirements
  • Roof ventilators
  • Capacity of ventilators
  • Design and placements
  • Fresh air requirements

Module 2: Ventilators Bases

  • Angle rings
  • Stiffener angles
  • Prefabricated roof curbs
  • Ventilator
  • Dampers
  • Meted calculating numbers and size of ventilators required
  • Air flow in ducts

Module 3: Duct System Design

  • High velocity system design
  • Determining required air volume
  • Volume and heat capacity ducts
  • Relation of air characteristics and temperature
  • Sizing exhaust mains at branch junctions
  • Testing exhaust ventilation systems

Module 4: Air Cleaners

  • Graphical selector for air cleaners
  • Fan, derive and inlet box arrangements
  • Fan and blowers

Module 5: Threshold Limit Values of Air Contaminates

  • Dust collection
  • Ventilators calculation examples
  • Air leakage
  • Garage ventilation
  • General ventilation rules

Target Audience

Engineers, supervisors and technicians whose work involves improving ventilation in industrial plants and workshops

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