Vibration Analysis of Rotating Machinery


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Course Objectives 

This program is designed to provide a broad understanding of vibration and noise problems. Advanced techniques for vibration analysis, data interpretation, problem correction, and vibration control are discussed


Course Modules 

Module 1: Introduction to Machine Vibration

  • Characteristics of vibration
  • Definition of condition monitoring, predictive maintenance procedure and total program of detection-analysis-correction
  • Use of vibration meter to measure vibration in all measurement parameters


Module 2: Value of Analysis and Baseline Signatures

  • Use of permanent monitors
  • Benefits of vibration measurement and analysis
  • Vibration transducers (basic theory of operation and characteristics)
  • Velocity transducers/ accelerometers/non contact pick-up
  • Mounting requirements and accessories
  • Difference between bearing housing (seismic) and shaft measurements (relative)


Module 3: Data Acquisition

  • When and how to conduct an analysis
  • Data interpretation
  • Relating the frequency to the exciting force
  • Standard analyzer features
  • Operation of vibration analyzer
  • Utilization of analyzer function and strobe light to ascertain
  • Practical application: Case studies

Target Audience

Engineers and technicians who are involved in vibration measurement and analysis, so that they may be fully involved in obtaining the maximum benefit from the implementation of the predictive maintenance system

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