Work Pressure Management & Control of Conflicts


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Course Objectives
  • Enable participants to have a range of abilities and skills necessary to deal with work pressures
  • How to take advantage of the positive aspects of pressure to promote awareness of the positive and negative aspects to curb harmful conflicts
  • Gain the ability to predict the pressures and crises before they occur at work or at the beginning and before they escalate
  • How to take the necessary action to control the pressure, intensity, and prevention of adverse effects on the health of workers, labor relations and the level of performance and productivity targets and plans to workflows 

Course Modules
Module 1: Causes and Stages of Stress
  • Organizational Climate & mental work state
  • Effects of diagnosis and the results of the pressures of work
Module 2: Psychological Motivations and Work Incentives
  • Types of incentives and their impact on behavior and individuals
  • Personal Potential and Team Spirit
  • Problem-solving skills and decision-making
  • Ways of dealing with problems
 Module 3: Skills of Conflict Resolution: Turn Controversy to Agreement
  • Effective communication and emotional intelligence skills
  • Creativity and innovation as a tool for change and development
  • Self and collective development of creativity
 Module 4: Time Management: Organizing Priorities
  • Art of dealing with others and difficult personalities at work
  • Face difficult situations and resolve disputes and conflicts at work
  • How to raise the psychological, mental and physical fitness level
  • Gold Commandments to face life and work pressure
  • Practical training (laboratory rid of pressures and invested) 

Target Audience
Administrative leaders and supervisors in various departments and divisions and defendants to follow the scientific methods in the face of work and dealing with disputes and conflicts in the workplace problems
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