Corporate Consultancy

Keeping a single point of contact Consultants in the corporate world provide your business with a dedicated corporate client manager as a single point of contact who is designated to design and deliver a tailored made structure to your  business, culture, size, and objectives. Working with and among the experts Many consulting firms today conduct seminars and individual consultations are provided by professional financial and operational advisers with a consistent and measurable approach, and who have significant experience in delivering corporate programs. A 360 degrees approach ACAD Training & Consulting delivers a unique goals-based advice experience that’s changing the way consultancy is delivered for the better. Our team helps people explore their objectives/goals, comprehend how they can reach them, and then put a strategy in place to help achieve them. 

Teaming up with a proficient consulting service company you are able to draw on the strength and specialist support from them, so they can be well equipped to help your organization to achieve the goals. Why work with consultants? The foremost reason to work with them is that they will work with you to develop and execute strategies that transform your current condition into a source of value, and not just a cost value. Corporate consulting services have helped companies achieve occupancy savings of 10-30 percent through workspace planning and portfolio optimization. Whether your organization is growing or shrinking, their advice will always focus on enhancing productivity and employee engagement in measurable ways. In the end, if you are on the growth track, a team in 
ACAD Training & Consulting will help you meet the portfolio challenges associated with mergers and acquisitions. Additionally, the cutting-edge workplace solutions will improve the use of space positively and reflect the way your employees want and need to work.

Consulting Areas of Specialization and Expertise

   Management Strategies and Systems Strategic Planning Studies

   The Application of Total Quality Management TQM Systems Studies

   Re-engineering of Reference and Measurement Studies

   Restructuring Organizations Studies (Administrative and Technical)

   Administrative Policies and Systems Studies

   Privatization of Organizations and Projects

   Technical and Economic Feasibility Studies for Projects

   Human Resources Management and Development of Organizational Structures

   Market Research and The Development of Marketing Strategies

   Planning Systems and Production Control

   Industrial Maintenance Systems

   Development Productivity and Improve Performance

   Competitiveness Development

   Environmental Management Systems ISO 14000

   Industrial Security Studies and the Department of Occupational Safety and ISO 18000

   Studies of Quality and Environmental Systems ISO 19001

   Training Systems Studies Organizations ISO 15000

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