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Because of their widespread popularity, Microsoft became synonymous to its flagship products, namely the Windows operating systems and the MS Office suite of software programs. However, the IT giant has a much more extensive product portfolio than its well-known OS and home and business suites. In fact, Microsoft is responsible for online services like Bing, advertising, and MSN, as well as the popular gaming console, Xbox 360. Their product lines don’t stop here as Microsoft also has a wide variety of hardware products ranging from PCs to tablets, keyboards, mice, and a lot more. All of these require ample support from certified technicians and qualified administrators, hence the popularity of (and inherent need for) robust certification programs that produce competent professionals to cater to the needs of end users. Fortunately for IT professionals who want to get Microsoft-certified, Microsoft certification Dubai trainings are available from qualified centers and training providers. These programs are crucial if you want proof of your competence in a certain Microsoft technology.


Microsoft certifications are beneficial in a lot of ways. Not only do they increase your chances of landing your dream job or perhaps getting promoted to a higher post in your current company, but it will also enable employers to better see your worth as part of their human resources, therefore treating you as a more valuable asset to the workforce. Whether you choose to work for a company or offer your skills as a freelance contractor, a Microsoft certification Dubai will help clients recognize not only your skills, but also your dedication to your craft.


Microsoft certification Dubai programs can be classified into various categories, each of which can be further subdivided into more specific areas of work. These categories include Cloud (including business intelligence, cloud data platform solutions, machine learning, big data, data analytics, DevOps, etc.), Mobility (including desktop and end-user topics like Windows and enterprise applications), Data (including machine-learning, data management, Microsoft SQL server and database solutions, etc.), Productivity (including MOS (Microsoft Office Specialist) credentials, Microsoft productivity offerings, etc.), App Builder (including development-oriented solutions), and Business Applications (including Microsoft Dynamics 365 platforms and other focused applications).


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