500 Courses

ACAD operates through an Annual Training Plan 2024 with more than 500 training courses that covers all industries.

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10 Venues

ACAD conducts its trainings in various countries around the world, from Dubai to Malaysia, Istanbul to New York.

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25 Categories

Our Training Plan for 2024 covers 22 specialized categories and quality-assured certificates.

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1M Trainees

We gladly trained almost around 1M trainees, executed about 150,000 training courses, and structured 3,500 consulting activities.

Professional Training Courses & Certifications in Egypt

The Right Step  . .

                               To Human Investment

Since competition has emerged as a fundamental reality that leads to either success or failure of businesses, the comprehensive change has become imperative. In so doing, a scientific approach that is able to manage and make the change happen effectively, starting with proper planning, creating the base of continuous change and defining goals objectively. To that end, specific resources have to be allocated to maintain the competitive edge of businesses. In addition, the entire process requires a management that has a macro vision for change at all organizational levels. An integrated approach to manage change is a pre-requisite together with professional, enthusiastic and supportive leadership. To contribute to these changing realities and to cope with the development of management and technical competencies that enable businesses lead the change and to apply integrated and continuous development approach to their human capital from a new perspective that is able to mitigate risks that are likely to impact  business results. ACAD Training & Consulting has accomplished its’ training plan for the year 2024. The topics of the plan are unique and diversified in terms of certified and accredited training programs that meet the new realities and practices. Remain hopeful of satisfying your training needs.

Consultant Engineer Mohamed Ibrahim Saad
President of Arab Consulting And Development Corp. (ACAD Training & Consulting)




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