Autodesk 3ds Max Fundamentals - Level 1

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Why Attend This Autodesk 3DS Max Training Course?
In this Autodesk 3ds Max course certificate, you'll receive a thorough introduction to Autodesk 3ds Max that will help new users make the most of this sophisticated application and will broaden the horizons of existing, self-taught users. The practices in this autodesk 3ds max course are geared toward real-world tasks you will encounter.

You will learn to use Autodesk 3ds Max to create photo-realistic renderings and animations. You'll examine the interface and workflow and learn to configure a project. You'll learn to work with lighting and perform rendering and animation, and you will learn to work with geometry imported from other applications.

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What Is The Autodesk 3DS Max Training Course Methodology?
This autodesk 3ds max training course methodology depends on enabling participants to interact and exchange experiences, explore their competencies and achieve their career aspirations, using forward-thinking training arts, such as theoretical lectures and/or open discussion to exchange opinions and experiences, scenarios, innovative thinking brainstorming. Participants will receive an agenda including training material as a reference, in addition to some extra notes and booklets. 

Who Should Attend This Autodesk 3DS Max Courses Training Course?
This autodesk 3ds max training course is designed for Primary users of Autodesk 3ds Max, including professionals in the architectural, interior design, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, and product design industries.

What Are The Autodesk 3DS Max Courses Training Course Objectives?
  • Use the Interface
  • Use Selection and Transformation Tools
  • Create and Modify Mesh Objects
  • Create and Modify Poly Objects
  • Import AutoCAD 2D Files and Model in Max
  • Organize AutoCAD Files Using Layers and Plines
  • Import Plines from AutoCAD Files to Create 3D Objects in Max
  • Use Standard Lights
  • Create a Night View Using Photometric Lights
  • Create Daylight Systems
  • Add and Modify Cameras
  • Create a Basic Animation
  • Create, Get, Modify, and Save Materials
  • Import a 3D Hut from AutoCAD to Assign Materials, Add Backgrounds, and Render

What Is The Autodesk 3DS Max Courses Training Course Curriculum?
Learning the Max Interface
  • Viewport configuration
  • Customizing the quads, shortcuts, and menus
  • Navigation shortcuts
Working with objects
  • Creating and editing primitives
  • Object properties and layers
  • Using the transforms move, rotate, scale
  • Cloning and Arrays
  • Grouping and Linking
  • Using the modifier Stack
  • Working with Sub-objects
  • Working with 2D shapes and modifiers
  • Polygonal modeling
  • Compound objects
Materials and Maps
  • Material Editor
  • Building basic materials
  • Multi-layer materials
  • Adding maps
  • Unwrapping
  • Using Photoshop to process maps
Cameras and Lighting
  • Building cameras
  • Using lights and basic techniques
  • Using Mental ray lighting
  • Daylight system
  • Understanding animation and keyframes
  • Animation modifiers and wiring
  • Constraints and controllers
  • Track view
Dynamic Animation
  • Using particles
  • Space warps
  • Nvidia PhysX
  • Rendering setup and output
  • Mental Ray
  • Network rendering

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Course Details
Personal Details
Autodesk, Inc.
Autodesk, Inc. is an American multinational software corporation that makes software products and services for the architecture, engineering, construction, manufacturing, media, education, and entertainment industries. Autodesk is headquartered in San Francisco, California, and has offices worldwide. Its U.S. offices are located in the states of California, Oregon, Colorado, Texas, Michigan, New Hampshire and Massachusetts. Its Canada offices are located in the provinces of Ontario, Quebec, and Alberta. Autodesk became best known for AutoCAD, but now develops a broad range of software for design, engineering, and entertainment—and a line of software for consumers. The manufacturing industry uses Autodesk's digital prototyping software—including Autodesk Inventor, Fusion 360, and the Autodesk Product Design Suite—to visualize, simulate, and analyze real-world performance using a digital model in the design process. The company's Revit line of software for building information modeling is designed to let users explore the planning, construction, and management of a building virtually before it is built.

Why Autodesk 3Ds Max?
Certification in Autodesk 3ds Max software demonstrates your capabilities in one of the most demanding creative jobs in the market today. Digital artists and educators alike will benefit from the Autodesk Certification process, as credentials will help you gain confidence with studios and schools. This class will help you prepare for your Certification examinations by exposing you to the topics and materials on which you may be tested. The class will cover subjects such as modeling, cameras, scene management, materials, rigging, interoperability, and animation, with an emphasis on workflow.
Course Textbooks And Web Resources
Prerequisite skills It’s expected that candidates will already know how to:
AutoCAD 2D and Photoshop are essentials if you want to gain proficiency in architectural modeling and rendering. During this course, you will use readymade AutoCAD files to model in Max. You may learn AutoCAD 2D and Photoshop in parallel with this course or later on.
Certification Details
To pass the course and receive both Autodesk certificate & ACAD Training & Consulting certificate you should:
  • Attend at least 85% of training contact hours.
  • Score more than 65% as a total score in the final assessment.

ACAD Professional Certificate - APC
ACAD Training & Consulting uses the power of its network to bring about positive, tangible change. We champion the training courses profession and the interests of individuals, engaged in that profession, for the benefit of all. ACAD Professional Certificates are designed for those who are enthusiastic to challenge themselves to reach the extra mile. Participants who fully attend an APC course and successfully pass the exam on the last training day, will receive an ACAD Professional Certificate (APC). APC are regionally recognized and can be esteemed when applying for more senior roles in Egypt and MENA region.

Course Schedule

26 - 30 May
10:00 AM To 3:00 PM
Cairo, Egypt
15 - 19 Sep
10:00 AM To 3:00 PM
Cairo, Egypt
29 Dec - 02 Jan 2025
10:00 AM To 3:00 PM
Cairo, Egypt

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