Basic Well Testing & Control

Code : O/25

Course Objectives

Upon finishing of this course, paricipants will have good understanding about basic well testing & control fundamentals.

Behavior of reservoir fluids, rock fluids types, properties and emperical correlations, which must be employed for both oil and gas well testing & control.

Course Modules

Module 1: Stage (A) - Well Testing

  • Properties of naturally occurring petroleum deposit
  • Behavior of gases
  • Phase behavior of liquids
  • Qualitative phase behavior of hydrocarbon systems
  • Quantitative phase behavior of hydrocarbon systems
  • Reservoir fluid characteristics
  • Elementry application of reservoir fluid characteristics
  • Types of production testings
  • Preparing the well for testing
  • Well test procedures

Module 2: Stage (B) - Well Control

  • Rules & regulations
  • Well control equipment
  • Worming signs of kicks
  • Drilling fluids
  • Well control procedures
  • Causes of kicks
  • Closing in a well for well control
  • Well control operations
  • Rig math for the man on the rig
  • Unusual well control operations
  • Shallow gas kicks
  • BOP diverter & closing system
  • Equipment limitations
  • No normal pressure & means of detecting
  • Supervising well control operations

Module 3: Associated Problems

  • Lost circulations
  • Well control when pipe is off bottom
  • Hole in drill pipe
  • More than one kick
  • Determining standpipe SIP with a float valve in string

Module 4: Handling of Contaminants on Surface

  • Small influx into wellbore & trip gas
  • Failures of BOP equipment

Target Audience

Drilling & production engineers, and production supervisors

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