Bids & Purchasing Excellence


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Course Objectives

  • Train participants on planning of material needs through providing them with budget preparation of needs from materials, purchasing budget and retail methods and accumulation and expectation methods    
  • Develop participants skills in the field of supply source selection and differentiation between them
  • Develop participants skills on effective analysis of value for the objective of realizing the hoped surpluses according to quality standards  
  • Train participants on skill of preparation and bid evaluation and taking decision 

Course Modules

Module 1: Nature of Purchasing Systems: Importance and Objectives

  • Concept of excellence and innovation in purchasing management
  • Material management and purchasing systems management
  • Purchasing research planning
  • Organize Purchasing work


Module 2: Basis of Purchasing Work Practice: Policies and Procedures

  • Identify the purchased and the suitable timing for purchasing
  • Purchasing according to total quality systems
  • Suitable price
  • Selection of the supplying sources
  • Negotiation with suppliers
  • Purchasing of the capital equipment
  • Dispose of stagnant, damaged and surplus
  • Ethics of purchasing job
  • Measuring of purchasing systems efficacy


Module 3: Bid Preparation Strategy: Evaluation and Selection

  • Technical preparation and bids specifications concepts
  • Tenders conditions
  • Process of bid evaluation
  • Cost evaluation

Module 4: Present Proposals Scheduling

  • Instructions and credit process
  • Confidentiality principles
  • Definitions, requests and contracting mechanisms
  • Evaluation of purchasing department performance

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