Detailing in Concrete Structure: Requirements Consideration & Problems

Code : C009
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Why Attend This Training Course?
Detailing is as important as design since proper detailing of engineering designs is an essential link in the planning and engineering process as some of the most devastating connections. It is at this point where many individuals start using line work to develop their details, especially when it comes to showing reinforcing. This course will show you that modeling actual rebar is not only just as easy as drawing lines, but it is much more efficient, and you will see that when the detail is complete, when you flex the model, your reinforcing will move with the cover settings that you predefine.

What Is The Training Course Methodology?
This training course methodology depends on enabling participants to interact and exchange experiences, explore their competencies and achieve their career aspirations, using forward-thinking training arts, such as theoretical lectures and/or open discussion to exchange opinions and experiences, scenarios, innovative thinking brainstorming. Participants will receive an agenda including training material as a reference, in addition to some extra notes and booklets. 

Who Should Attend This Training Course?
This course is designed for design & supervision engineers, constractors & consultants, structural & construction staff.

What Are The Training Course Objectives?
  • Provide practice engineers with the required knowledge for detailing of concrete structures
  • Ensure to have a successful design & to avoid future determent due to poor design details
  • Detail requirements in international codes, sample detailing for different concrete structures
  • Computer-aided drafting of details
  • Case studies for deterioration caused by poor design details & site visits

What Is The Training Course Curriculum?
Introduction to the Art of Detailing
  • Detailing requirements in international codes
  • Computer aided drafting for placing drawings & bar lists
  • Detailing of slab & beam systems
  • Detailing of columns & walls
  • Detailing of stair cases & slabs on grade
  • Detailing of retaining walls
  • Detailing of grade beams, wall footings & piled foundations
  • Detailing of different types of joints
Site visit of Residential Building Construction
  • ACI building details
  • British building code details
  • Introduction to roof systems for wide span halls
  • Detailing of girders for wide span halls
  • Detailing of concrete trusses & vierendeel girders
  • Detailing of concrete frame structures
  • Detailing of concrete arched roof & sheds
  • Detailing of concrete shell roofs
  • Detailing of folded plate roofs
  • Detailing of brackets & corbels & beam-column joints
  • Detailing of simple & continous deep beams
Concrete Bridge Systems & Limitations
  • Detailing of concrete bridges (super-structure)
  • Detailing of concrete bridges (sub-structure)
  • Case studies of deterioration caused by poor design details in bridges
  • Case studies of deterioration caused by poor design details in building
  • Answers to common site problem related to detailing

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Exam Details:

Duration: 1 hour | Multiple Choice | Closed book | Pass mark: 65%

Course Schedule

11 - 22 Feb
10:00 AM To 3:00 PM
Cairo, Egypt
14 - 25 Jul
10:00 AM To 3:00 PM
Cairo, Egypt
20 - 31 Oct
10:00 AM To 3:00 PM
Cairo, Egypt

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